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Dallas Surgeons Debunk 5 Mommy Makeover Myths

DFW Plastic Surgeons Address 5 Common Myths About Mommy Makeovers

The six plastic surgeons of Regional Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX discuss some of the most common misconceptions about mommy makeovers, which are customizable procedures performed to contour a woman’s post-baby physique.

Richardson, TX – Regional Plastic Surgery Center’s team of board-certified Dallas plastic surgeons consists of six distinguished medical professionals, each with extensive experience in a variety of cosmetic procedures. Among the most popular at their practice is the highly-coveted mommy makeover, a customizable treatment which generally incorporates two or more body contouring procedures. According to the surgeons, the goal of each mommy makeover they perform is comprehensive rejuvenation of the post-childbirth body, often in areas such as the abdomen and breasts. While every patient will benefit from different surgeries or non-surgical treatments based on their needs and goals, certain procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery, are popular additions to the mommy makeover.

The surgeons of Regional Plastic Surgery Center have noticed that, as is the case with many major cosmetic surgeries, a number of patients carry false assumptions about the mommy makeover. “Unfortunately, some of these misconceptions have caused patients to avoid the mommy makeover altogether,” says Dr. Denton Watumull, “even though they are, in fact, erroneous.”

As such, the surgeons have debunked five common myths about mommy makeovers to put patients’ minds at ease:

  1. Female surgeons are more equipped to perform mommy makeovers.

While it is certainly valid that some patients may prefer that a female perform their mommy makeover, the doctors urge patients not to let gender be a deciding factor in their choice for a provider. A surgeon’s credentials and expertise, they continue, are more important qualifications to consider. Whether male or female, the surgeon should be well-versed in the procedures a patient desires, as this ultimately contributes to the quality of the mommy makeover results.

2. A mommy makeover can only include surgical procedures.

A mommy makeover typically includes a combination of surgeries, but many practices also incorporate non-surgical body enhancement procedures. For instance, mommy makeovers at Regional Plastic Surgery Center can include non-surgical skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and more. The doctors emphasize that a patient’s aesthetic goals should always be a top priority, which may require different types of treatments.

3. Mommy makeovers leave a lot of scarring.

Patients sometimes assume that because a mommy makeover includes multiple surgeries, the treatment must pose the risk of significant scarring. While it is true that certain procedures are more likely to cause scarring than others, an experienced surgeon, such as those at Regional Plastic Surgery Center, will place incisions in the most inconspicuous locations possible. Moreover, scars can often be concealed behind clothing, and in many cases, the scars fade to a flesh color during healing.

4. All mommy makeovers include a breast lift (or another specific procedure).

As a mommy makeover is personalized based on the patient’s goals for their physique, no two mommy makeovers will be exactly alike. Provided the patient is in reasonably good health and deemed a candidate for the surgery, the mommy makeover can include virtually any body contouring treatment.

5. Mommy makeovers are exclusively for moms.

Although the mommy makeover was developed with the post-childbirth body in mind, patients who are not mothers are often eligible for the combination of procedures nonetheless. Patients who have not given birth are still susceptible to excess skin, isolated fat buildups, breast sag, and other typical qualifications for a mommy makeover. Other specific candidacy requirements can be determined during a consultation with one of Regional Plastic Surgery Center’s surgeons.

Furthermore, the surgeons remind patients that they are always welcome to ask questions about the mommy makeover treatment. “We never want misunderstandings or false assumptions to stand in the way of the treatment patients deserve,” adds Dr. Chirag Mehta.

About Regional Plastic Surgery Center
Drs. Denton Watumull, Joshua Lemmon, Chirag Mehta, Derek Rapp, and Bruce Byrne have each earned reputations as leading plastic surgeons in the state. Each board-certified surgeon is well-versed in a number of popular procedures, from mommy makeovers to breast, face, and non-surgical treatments. The six surgeons are all members of several prestigious boards and organizations, including the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and many more. Regional Plastic Surgery Center was founded in 1991 with the goal of providing top care and outstanding surgical results using advanced technology and meticulous skill. The surgeons are available for interview upon request.

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