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As you age, youthful definition of the jawline, under-chin profile, and neck contours can become obscured by increasingly inelastic skin. Using neck lift surgery techniques, our board-certified plastic surgeons can correct several key signs of aging—including sagging skin, jowls, deep creases, and double-chins—to rejuvenate the appearance of your neck with long-lasting results.

What Is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that addresses loose skin, lax musculature, and displaced fat deposits found below the jawline and along the neck to create a more youthful appearance. Neck lift techniques are often combined with facelift procedures to achieve consistent rejuvenation of the lower face and neck for natural-looking results. For certain patients, neck contouring may include the use of liposuction to sculpt and remove excess fat that causes fullness below the chin and jawline.

What Are the Benefits of a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery can be an ideal solution for reducing the prominence of a wide range of common cosmetic concerns in the region between the jawline and the clavicle, including:

  • Loose, inelastic skin
  • Sagging connective tissue and musculature
  • Jowls, deep creases, and folds
  • Horizontal bands along the neck
  • Double-chin caused by excess fat and/or skin laxity
  • Stubborn fat deposits along the neck
  • Vertical muscular bands

Each neck lift procedure performed at Regional Plastic Surgery Center is personalized to focus on your unique needs and align with your aesthetic goals. You may find that combining your neck lift with additional facial plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift, eyelid lift, and/or brow lift can bring about the most dramatic and harmonious improvements to your appearance. Including multiple procedures in one surgical plan also allows you to consolidate your recovery time into one period of healing.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

For starters, men and women who are good candidates for neck lift surgery are generally in good overall health and have no obstacles to prevent proper healing. Candidates often display one or more of the cosmetic concerns listed in the section above and desire a smoother, leaner, tighter, and ultimately more youthful-looking jawline and neck. During a consultation with your experienced plastic surgeon, you will undergo an examination of your face and neck, in addition to a review of your medical history and current health status. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the specific concerns you want to address and the outcome you desire. If you are a candidate for surgery, your surgeon can develop a custom-tailored neck lift procedure—potentially paired with additional facial rejuvenation procedures—to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results.

What Happens During Neck Lift Surgery?

The neck lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The incisions required to complete the procedure may vary depending upon the unique surgical plan your plastic surgeon has developed. Typically, incisions are well-concealed within the hairline, behind the ears, and/or under the chin to reduce the potential for visible scarring. These incisions allow for the removal of excess skin, tightening/resuspension of the neck muscles, and removal of fat deposits. When performed alone, the neck lift procedure usually takes about one to two hours to complete.

What Is Neck Lift Recovery Like?

Following neck lift surgery, some soreness, swelling, and bruising are common; however, discomfort is typically mild and can be easily controlled with prescribed medication. While the duration of your recovery can vary depending on the details of your procedure, the majority of our patients are able to return to work and/or low-impact activities between ten days and two weeks after surgery. Your incisions may appear reddish and raised early in the healing process, but with time the scar tissue should fade in color and flatten, becoming nearly undetectable.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

At our practice, the average price for a neck lift is generally between $7,000 and $12,000. Most often a neck lift is combined with additional procedures or treatments, and following your consultation you will be provided with a comprehensive cost quotation for your entire surgical plan. Pricing can fluctuate based on the unique details of your treatment, with the following greatly impacting the total cost:

  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Inclusion of liposuction for neck contouring
  • Anesthesiology fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Costs for any pre-/post-op care
  • Additional procedures being performed

For an accurate quote tailored to your needs, your plastic surgeon will want you to evaluate your neck and surrounding areas in his office during a scheduled cosmetic consultation. When you receive your quote, our cosmetic coordinator can walk you through the types of payment we accept. You can also request information about financing options available through third-party companies—such as CareCredit®, United Medical Credit, and Prosper Healthcare Lending—that can potentially make paying for your surgery more convenient and affordable. Qualified applicants may benefit from flexible monthly payments and budget-friendly loans. Our team wants to make the plastic surgery you desire as accessible as possible!

To schedule a cosmetic consultation about neck lift surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures at our practice, we welcome you to contact Regional Plastic Surgery Center.

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