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Is Liposuction Permanent?

Fat deposits around the abdomen and midsection are one of the top cosmetic concerns our patients express during consultations. Many of these patients lead healthy and active lifestyles, but still have difficulty attaining the figure they desire. Sometimes stubborn, excess fat remains in spite of a nutritious diet and rigorous exercise. In these cases, our plastic surgeons can use liposuction to reveal the tightened and toned figure these patients have been working toward. Liposuction can also be used to target accumulated pockets of fat in other areas of the body, including the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, or chin for a more complete transformation.

With such a wide range of benefits and applications, many of our patients wonder how long their liposuction results will last. The good news is that once fat cells are removed from the body, they cannot regenerate. However, our plastic surgeons warn our patients that weight fluctuations can still occur after liposuction, as the remaining fat cells can either grow or shrink in size. Consequently, we stress to our liposuction patients the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain the best results.

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